Bolt #3

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One of the BRotS series . BRotS? Bridget Riley othe Shingle My homage to one of the greatest painters Britain has produced in recent years. Inspired by the strips of metal on concrete in teh sea defence structures at both Seaford’s Splash Point and teh Cuckmere Haven/Coastguard Cottages, the images explore decay in the rusting meatal and eroding concrete, a decay that reflects the moral and ethical decay of Western Civilisation. In decay there is beauty in the intermingling of different colours and materials, this I try to explore visually. To quote Tom Phillips, another of Britain great contemporary artists, “The artist has one role: to see on behalf of other people. Each tries to make small steps forward in seeing for he is the one whose eye and brain should be in union and accord” 

This acrylic  painting on canvas 24″ square explores on of the fixing bolts that hold the metal protections in place. one of three images (the others have equally intellectual titles in Bolt 1 and Bolt 2) that explore the differing coloration of the bolts but also the use of different atonal underpainting prior to the application of the main colours



2 reviews for Bolt #3

  1. Patrick


  2. elizabeth mctrusty

    I have just been to the UNO gallery Seaford and have purchased Bolt 3 which I think is wonderful The colours are amazing and I look forward to enjoying it for many years to come Patricks artwork is so interesting and he is very happy to explain his technique to you

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