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Art college in the mid 1960’s was probably the best time to be there. Music was Dylan, the Beatles, the Stones, the Doors, Arthur Brown etc. etc.. Poetry was Ginsberg, the Mersy Beat poets, Robert Duncan et al. I was taught by Adrian Heath, Michael Kidner, Michael Simpson, Malcolm Hughes while visitors included Jim Dine, Ravi Shankar and many others. I worked as a studio assistant to painter John Hoyland. The college was in an Inigo Jones house, Corsham Court, with grounds landscaped by Capability Brown. How lucky we were.

Recently being treated for cancer I found myself being helped by therapists using techniques of self awareness, Mindfulness, that I recognised I learned as part of the experience at Corsham.  In a curious way they put me back in touch with myself. Is it coincidence that all this happens as I get back into my painting, or does the fickle finger of fate determine this happening? Nordic legend has it there are three noorns spinning the threads of our lives. One spins, another decides the length and the third cuts.

Cancer made those scissors seem close but the spirit flows through me strongly, my sweet loving partner has helped the channel to my art open fully again and the work spills forth here. My blog will feature the trials and tribulations of creating the work, but whatever its meandering, be in no doubt, to Paint is to Love Again.

I hope you enjoy this site and my art. Scroll down for past work – current output is in the shop/gallery, where you can click on it to enjoy it without having to buy – although it pays for the pastels if you do