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Getting Started

I draw up the canvas and start to paint, but best laid plans can fail in contact with reality. I try to set parameters of colour from the start on the canvas, and that tends to set the palette. In this case I have a range of earth colours, to be contrasted against a range of violet/purples. In turn these will work against a range of greens. Tones will create diagonals to compete with the weakened grid, contrasts will be stronger with more tonality. Well, that is the intention anyway

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One Bound

The daisy appears delicate, its white petals gently fringed with pink and the Archimedean spiral of the yellow centre shouting its colour against the green of the lawn. But it is robust, refusing to disappear under the attention of the lawn mower, its white spots breaking the stripy green of the mown grass. I first made a painting of the lawn in 1968 whilst in college, and I still find mowing the garden one of the essential pleasures of life, both visually and through the wonderful scent of new cut grass.

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Blast from the Past

Their generation made the opportunities for me, their votes changed the country for the better, making me the first in the family to have a University education, enabling an NHS to save my life several times over. They would be despairing of a political class that allows health and defence to crumble whilst engaging in spending billions on foreign aid in a form of national ‘virtue signalling’

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