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My work is about colour and texture. It reflects my environment and my relationship with both it and human society, All art can be deeper than its surface appearance and I hope mine does too – from the grid works which contain undertones of control to my depictions of rust and decay in the BRotS series exploiting the colour and brilliance that we see in the decay of seaside defences much as we see the brilliance in final decay of the Britain I knew as a child. Above all though I delight in the colour of paint, in the marks left by the tools used to apply it and by creating surfaces that suck your eye into and beyond the surface. Enjoy what you see on screen but scale matters and the paintings can be large enough to pull you into engagement and contemplation the way the small screen cannot. Enjoy browsing – it is free and comments are welcome. Artwork is available to buy in the gallery and gift vouchers are available too.

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Written musings on making art and the results. Life in the slow lane


South Barn

South Barn

South Barn It has been a dry hot summer. The Barn is known for having no heating, not being wind proof, sometimes not even waterproof, and today there is one of those miserable damp misty sea fret sort of days. Perched on Seaford Head the rest of the South Downs...

To The Woods

To The Woods

I visit the wood infrequently, but it is one of my favourite havens where I can feed my soul with its silence and beauty. Alongside the prints of my photographs of the sea defences from which so much of my painting has sprung in the last few years, sit a few of the images of the oaks.

Marine Growth

Marine Growth

It’s been a tough year. Is that what happens as one ages – each year gets tougher? Physically I have always tried to exercise, even buying a share in a central London gym once at the height of the gym investment craze. Great place to exercise. Went bust of course. I...


Very interesting work. I totally agree about the environment can inspire you or make you feel numb.

Rena Kondogoni

Patrick, your words are inspiring and your art reflects that… The emotional energy of the work speaks for themselves.

Andrea Sheehan

I am constantly amazed at your use of colour and light, the luminosity is huge.