Coming soon is the Art Wave 21 festival for which I will be putting up a little more of a show in the studio, details below:

Location 083 • Trust in Rust

  • 2 Headland Avenue, Seaford BN25 4PY
  • Off Southdown Road, 4th house on the right

Patrick Goff has been absorbed in exploring the sea defences of the Cuckmere and Seaford’s Splash Point through his ‘BRotS’ series. he is opening his studio to visitors to show processes as well as finished works. It is a working studio in a large garden. Access has narrow steps and uneven paths. Patrick will be continuing to work throughout the festival, this is not a gallery installation, but all work is for sale and he is happy to spend time talking and showing his work, discussing techniques and processes. He always has a changing wall of recent work as a part of his own creative process. Work is paintings and photographs.

Cuckmere Broken – Sea Through. I couldn’t resist making the circle etc. represent Cezanne’s sphere, cone and cube as the basis for all painting. A little joke in this 48×36 inch canvas painted with acrylic paint and oil pastel additions

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Collections: ACE (via North West Arts Pictures for Public Spaces), Towner Eastbourne, ICI, Morley College, Hilton Hotels, Shire Hotels, Guys Hospital Trust and private collections in the UK, USA, South Africa, Australia etc..

Eroded  Acrylic on paper, A1 size sheet, image 27 x 16.5 inches.


BRotS #19 Trapped Fishing Net. Fishing waste makes up over 40% of the detritus in the sea, this piece decorating the defences at the Coastguard Cottages, Cuckmere Haven


  • Saturday 11 September
  • Sunday 12 September
  • Thursday 16 September
  • Friday 17 September
  • Saturday 18 September
  • Sunday 19 September
  • Thursday 23 September
  • Friday 24 September
  • Saturday 25 September
  • Sunday 26 September11:00 – 17:30


High Tide, Splash Point. Acrylic paint on 300gsm paper 27×16.5 inches