There are now some 230+ articles on my artistic process and the life experiences that have moulded it, including of course a series of pieces on art education in which I was involved as a student and then a lecturer/course leaders/HOD for a number of years as well as an employer of arts graduates.

In the process of recording  and commenting on the experience I have reviewed/;looked at a number of artists, designers and institutions that have informed my own practice. It is an eclectic mix and I thought many would find it useful to see them tied together, so here is the list and links so far. Yes so far, as I intend to carry on.

Enjoy a browse

Claude Monet             Seeing: Monet’s Garden at Giverny –

Rod Heyes                Tate Titillation –

Bridget Riley                Bridget Riley at the De La Warr Pavilion –

The Bridget Riley of the Shingle –

Eric Gill                         Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft –

Ditchling’s Eric Gill Exhibition –

Willem Sandberg        In a Mad World –

Frank Lloyd Wright     Chicago Style –

Davies/Arnatt etc       A Green and Pleasant Land –

Carry Akroyd              Found in the Fields –

Berardo Gallery, Lisbon Berardo Gallery, Lisbon –

Zeitz Museum           Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa –

John Kerr                   Time Lapse –

Cesar Manrique        Lanzarote’s Eco-artist –

Gropius & Bauhaus  The Bauhaus and Me –  ( a series of 6 articles)

Hockney &Davie       Hockney, Davie and Helen Kapp at the Towner –

David Nash                Log-In at the Towner –

Ivan Trechikoff         Pigeons’ Luck –

Merlyn Chesterman Woodblock Printing: Merlyn Chesterman –

Roger Dean              Comical –

Barbara Hepworth  Hepworth at the Towner –